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Tales of a Curious mind

Welcome to November!!
This month started on a good note. As Americans got all Trumpy Uganda also got Miyatic as we celebrated the Uganda cranes AFCON qualification.
Uganda is one of those places in the world where happiness is very contagious.
Generally November found most of us at the zenith of our happiness .

I have been learning a few things here and there after all they say when you stop learning you die. Am not sure though who they are.
Judgement is something we always do. We judge that the chair is dirty or that someone is rude because they barely smile or that some one is this and that because of that and this.

Someone once told me something beautiful sometime back

Before you judge be sure you are doing so in love because when you walk out of love you may error  in judgement”

You can…

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Mujje Tulumbe

Tales of a Curious mind

The aura in Uganda right now is euphoric, you could get your boss to double your salary or Sevo to sign away a large donation cheque, after all we just qualified for AFRICON.
If you are from Ghana or Ivory Coast please pardon our excitement, it’s not every day that these things happen in this part of the world, Infact we have waited thirty eight years to see this.


When we (yes it wasn’t just the Uganda cranes it was Uganda) went against Comoros yesterday we went with one mind tukulumba and kuwamba.
Thirty eight minutes later we accomplished this our plight.
The difference between a few of us and the rest is that we knew of the win because we sit in the counsel of Prophets.
They say even the jokes of a prophet are prophetic so when they wear a Jersey and say Uganda is going to AFRICON…

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Dear feb

Dear February,
I hope life is ok. How is January doing? The time I have shared and been with January still hangs on my memories; and the rest of your 10 (ten) siblings, how are they doing? Please say hello to them. It’s so unfortunate that I have met only January this year but I promise to meet every one of them to the last born- December. You know I find you amusing of the twelve. ‘Don’t tell me up to now you have never known your right age!’ The last I heard from June-your sixth born is that you were 28 but shockingly January sent me a text last night at 12:05 AM that you are 29 (LOL).

I know this will sound awkward but please I beg you lend me your ears. We have been friends from 1994 ( 1993, 25th of April I was born. Then I wasn’t friends with you yet) . I have realised that you have been taking our friendship for granted, making empty promises to me and worst of it all wasting my time.

This year (2016) I want to RECEIVE God’s BEST. I want you to vomit whatever you have eaten from me. You must bring fourth what ever you have been stealing from me. By keeping quiet for all these 23yrs you thought I didn’t know? All those years I have been blind not receiving your best. I have been settling for less. In fact, the past ‘Febs’ I have never committed myself to God’s best. This time around, I have chosen not to be influenced by your world and dumped down to accept far less than what God has provided than His best.I have really gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired! I choose to pursue God’s best in You (February) come what may. Why is it that in the past years you have been feeding me with mediocrity? You have been teaching and blind folding me for less?
I’m at the point where I’ve really gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired! I want to pursue God’s best in you February. I want to experience all that God has for me. I will not wait for manner from the skies. I’m fighting for what rightfully belongs to me. I won’t give up this time around. Now is the time. Period!
Well, I know you are about to tell me that “The elections are knocking on the door. Prepare for turmoils, inflation, devastations, destructions” bla bla blaa…. Oh! Before I forget, I want to thank you for reminding me at the beginning of this year that things will only get from better to best. You remind me of that scripture in the Bible that teaches never to give up rather to seek until I find, to keep on knocking until the door opens and to keep on asking.
My dear Feb, I’m not scared. I’m going to raise my sights and aim higher. While other people are shooting at nothing and hitting it every time, my God will make me lie in green pastures and lead me by calm pools of water. So, stop scaring me Feb! My God reminds me that Him alone knows and has good😋 thoughts towards me, thoughts of peace ✌ and not of evil. ‘How dare you to speak doom, devastation, destruction I hear inflation, instability and turmoils?’ Have you forgotten the ground on which my country stands. Let me remind you “FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY”
You Feb. I speak an attitude of expectations in regards to finances, ideas, projects, connections, friends… I purpose to put on this full armour of attitude this month. I speak against any tongue that confesses “You will be full of disappointments.” I speak against any form or thought of settling for less and fear. I purpose to move towards this direction and to receive God’s best in you my dear Feb.
Enough is enough. The limping. The crying. The begging. Enough is enough. I want to stand and fight the fight of faith, I will overcome you. I’m at the point where I’ve really gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired!
Dear Friend, if you are reading this, I want you to cheer up this month. I want you to stir yourself up. Don’t settle for less. Don’t look back. The world, neighbour, friend, mother, father…. aren’t going to encourage you towards God’s best. I encourage you to begin settling for God’s best. Look at yourself like a winner, the best, inventor, mention it…. Begin ‘Prayer walking- as you pray do something’ Introduce something new in your life. And you will stand to say, wow! I have fought a good fight. I wish you a blessed month. Cheers.

Yours sincerly

Agabo shemei( God’s chosen)

Why commercialising Politics is killing our country


Uganda decides this year and most people are talking politics these days.

Despite the search for our next leaders gaining pitch, a few issues here and there keep our search for democracy at stake.

Being an upcountry journalist, I have been lucky to cover rallies of some politicians in the districts of Kabale, Kisoro, Ntungamo, Rukungiri and Bushenyi.

However in most of my trips, one thing is common-Voter bribery if not Commercialized politics.

The electorate are given live cash by their would be leaders a recent report produced by the Alliance for Campaign Finance Monitoring (ACFIM), a Ugandan civil society coalition that includes anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International’s Uganda branch noted that across 16 Ugandan districts in November and December, Museveni spent in excess of 27 billion Ugandan shillings ($7.8 million). Amama Mbabazi, Museveni’s former prime minister and now an independent candidate running under the banner of Go Forward, spent 1.3 billion…

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Enough of the sugar coat; Playing the ‘ Christ-mass’ advocate

Enough of the sugar coat; Playing the ‘ Christ-mass’ advocate.
Before I get down to the digging, let me share with you a Facebook post- it’s a trending post that I find ridiculously true. I also ‘copied and pasted’ as today’s saying goes from a friend’s timeline. I thought it would be relevant to my open letter to ‘The Empire State of 30 years’. Oh! Incase any one thinks that I’m calling for trouble by writing this piece, please calm down because I have got stake first as a Christian and secondly as a member of the 4th estate in this country.
“By the time Uganda’s  President Yoweri Museveni took power:
Apple and blackberry were only fruits.
Facebook founder, Zuckerberg, was still a 2 year old in dippers.
Nelson Mandela was still a prisoner at Robin Island.
SouthAfrica was still under apartheid rule.
Obama was working as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and was still 6 years before he started his 12 year lecturing career at university of Chicago law school.
well, I’m not trying to side with political personalities neither am I trying to campaign for anyone here. I have a role to play( I repeat myself) first as a Christian, then as a journalist/story teller.

Quoting John Adams, the second president of the United States, “Our Constitution was designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government…Free government rests upon public and private morality.” There for, It is not our government that has failed; it’s rather the church. This reminds me of a scripture In Matthew 5:13 that calls us (Christians) to be the salt of the earth.

Ok. That said, I would like someone to Show me any – Fundamental thing that works in this ‘Empire State of 30 years’ and I will show you a goat that has wings! There is something wrong with some- In Fact almost everything! From telecommunication companies cheating us, unexplained power shortages, the dollar fluctuating and the reasons are more political than economical- I wouldn’t be mentioning the dollar fluctuation if the reasons were vividly economical! That’s not all, we have police men that behave like wild goats on a rampage not to mention leaders that are on remote control without conscience of their own! Public servants are abusing their offices, Jobs are offered on technical know Who! Government vehicles with red and blue colored number plates carrying building materials and posters of the incumbent has become a common sight . Is that really non of my business? ‘Hum!’

Look at the So much money being injected in non developmental activities ranging from meddling in wars outside the country to spending heavily on campaigns, among other misappropriation of funds. Now, for how long shall the people wallow silently in this cancerous government? Have we not heard enough promises over the year? How many people actually take time to revisit the promises over the year? How many people actually take time to revisit the promises made by these people just to find out how much has been done and by what means and criterion?
Shall we continue to have a people that simply submit to an individual who keeps bending the waves towards his direction while promising unending mysteries? No way! Definitely No!  Look at the bureau of standards for instance, how much have they done to ensure that Ugandans get quality and genuine products? We still have supermarkets that sell rotten meats, electronic appliances that are sold more expensively than should be, a lot of fake products on the market affecting the health of people who can not even afford basic health care! -30 years ago Rwanda was in a devastating situation but now the story tells itself dig through and check how their health system is doing. School fees/tuition keeps going high yet the quality of education and services rendered by these institutions doesn’t get any better after all no one cares. The government doesn’t care what kind of food is served to these children in schools, whether they have good living conditions or clean water at school, no one cares! What manner of savagery is this? Meanwhile, most of these politicians continue to send their children abroad because they also know that they had not done enough to make their own homes comfortable enough for their own families.

My fellow patriots, the issue at hand is bigger than just political parties or people who claim to have a vision as though everyone else isn’t good enough. Surely leadership comes from God. For some of us who understand leadership from a religious perspective we can’t just hold our hands at akimbo and look at our nation turn to ruins. Our society isn’t sick because of the government; it’s sick because the church has not made faith in the teaching of the word. Once we cease to win the hearts of men, it is inevitable that ungodly men will make their way into leadership and take the country with them. If we change people’s hearts with the Gospel, the people will change government with their votes. Government merely reflects what people believe in their hearts; it does nothing to form those beliefs. William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, wrote in the early 1700s, “Government seems to me to be a part of religion itself…Let men be good, and the government cannot be bad.”

You can call me a subjective journalist but I’m a subjective reporter using the facts and the truth to clean the dust my fellow story tellers have kept sweeping under the carpet. As a passionate story teller, my first duty is to the ‘masses’. The way to win this war and save the political character of this nation is to use the Gospel then out God given talents to change the moral character of its people. The church needs to refocus its energies back to the great commission that our Lord Jesus Christ gave us:
“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen”(Matt. 28:19-20) ‘For God and my country’

‘My Tribe- I am…..’

From social networking, I am astounded that an honestly held opinion can cause so much offense to someone who holds a different opinion. It is very interesting how identity is tried out online. Sometimes some are  aware of doing so where as some are not  aware of it thus opinions and social interactions, in them have some form of  ‘my way is the only way for everyone’. If you tried examining some of the online interaction behaviour particularly Facebook, twitter and in watsapp chat groups some people direct their energies at attacking others along tribal lines. Please, don’t  get me wrong! I don’t intend to point fingers rather just thinking  whether online/social network is not far from redefining tribalism tendencies.
This has got a tap root; a root that has never been cut; a root through which all this stems from. Unless uprooted and the seeds destroyed, stereotypical views, dislike, distasteful jokes, pranks, discrimination, abuses and insults will be sowed and passed on to the next….. I write this well knowing, because I also had a share of abuse. I can write pages and pages of tribal insults and stereotypes I have endured. Fortunately or unfortunately the recent one has been- while I was watching the Liverpool vs Manchester United game. Because the presidential debate was a trending issue, it was the talk at halftime break. Along the ‘jazz’ I interjected  with my thoughts about almost all the candidates. Honestly, I forgot to talk about the candidate who had missed the debate. Two gentlemen who dominated the talk angrily and sadly asserted “mwe Bunyankole mwe tuli kumpi kubawona” ( Not good with writing Luganda) translated as “you Banyankole, your time is coming to an end” another gentleman said   “Tukyiimanyi Oli wa Museveni, akalulu bwe ka’ gwa tugenda ku bagoba mu Kampala Banyankole mwe” translated as “We know you support Museveni, but when the elections are done, we are chasing you Banyankole out of Kampala” I was shuttered! I looked at how these gentlemen wrongly directed their energies and anger along tribal lines. I watched the second half of the game pondering and worrying on the trend which seems to be gaining ground- ‘Tribal Identity Politics’. I felt disgusted when fellow countrymen analysed me with tribalistic lenses. Thanks to Wayne Rooney for his 83rd goal, I came back to my senses.
Just the other day, I was watching the presidential debate.  The unfortunate utterances by one of the presidential candidate left much to be desired. To put it bluntly, this candidates’ energy, ideas and point of views were directed on tribal lines. This worried me the most. It seems even political leaders have learnt the formulae of hijacking the democratic process with tribal politics. Watching and listening to that candidate’s reasoning and manifesto didn’t only worry me, but also amazed me. Tribalism seeds are still buried in us if not destroyed at an early stage, they will be passed on to our children and grandchildren. This candidate! Unknowingly or knowingly has taken shelter in tribal identity, tribal loyalty forgetting that those utterances can quickly bring a country to the brink of a civil war, dislike, stunts national building mention it. Politics particularly in Uganda where we have diverse ethnicities, leaders have advanced their interests and competition from tribal identities, exploited tribal loyalties thus reinforcing ethnic competition.
Tribalism. Tribalism can be used to describe those situations where  social identification is exclusively organized around ethnic identification yielding views of sexual preference , beliefs to mention but a few.  In this post modern time,(correct me if I’m wrong) someone feels comfortable associating  with people who hold similar views, styles and interests. This has birthed some form of retribalization in the way we use social media to fragment and divide ourselves. That is why you will be lashed at if you posted or tweeted asking about ‘toffali’- what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas therefore none of your business. Not long , do you remember the  buzz via social media  of King Oyo and Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga ? One might disagree with me justifying the fact that  social media/ online world has no honest individuals and people agree or disagree for the sake of agreeing or disagreeing. Not forgetting to mention that people say things to get attention. That’s why I come in to say that  this has its tap root and unless we cut it, it will keep on manifesting the reality of ‘My Tribe’, ‘my way is the only way for everyone’, ‘our tribe…’, ‘I don’t fit into your  tribe’
What will it cost us if we put our backgrounds, differences, points of views, stereotypes, and live as one?  love and share our experiences even when we disagree? understand and tolerate other people’s lifestyle choices? There is much  to learn through family, friends and communities around you, important to build our nation around ideas rather than tribal identities. Put your ‘My Tribe’, ‘my way is the only way for everyone’, ‘our tribe…’, ‘I don’t fit into your  tribe’ aside and lets develop one another. We have seen tribes go to war over mere differences. Remember the 2011 September Riots? How about the Rwenzururu ethnic conflict ? The 2014 Kasese attacks laced with tribal history, The Kenya’s 2007-2008 post election violence that took on a tribal/ethnical dimension and the 1994 genocide in Rwanda which has led to years of ethnic conflict in DR Congo. What of our neighbours here in Burundi trying to define the killings from a tribal point of view?
Tribalism is silently gaining ground in people’s hearts. Tribalism is real. There is need to stop sowing these tribalism seeds in our children. Lets say ‘NO TO TRIBALISM’

Behind the veiled faces of “our people”

Breathed piece of writing…a craft of words can build, break or tear or mend a soul. This is to the Journalists who contribute to the building en getting together broken pieces of the soul with the craft of words.

The Standard UCU

Sarah Lagot Odwong mugshot BY SARAH LAGOT TODWONG 

I sat in the passenger seat waiting for my mother to come back from her fresh vegetable hunt. The place? Nakawa Market. I’ve come here every week since I was a child and I’ve forged relationships with many of the vendors.

My mother made sure to always tag my sister and I along on her shopping sprees. This evening was no exception. I observed the haggling outside my window.

Our regular sukuma wiki vendor had her back turned to the roadside. I got my phone to take a picture of the busy evening roadside market scene.

However, I was confronted with dark, heavy stares. People here are very suspicious of cameras. I took the photo hurriedly and hid the phone from sight.

“Bitano bitano, enyanya bitano bitano,” a vegetable vendor yelled. (“Shs500.. tomatoes Shs500”).

However, her voice was drowned out by the hive of activity.

A metal…

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Tribal Tensions In Uganda

Cry Our beloved Mother.

A young man, rather newly married with one child; leads to a village on foot of a mountain where his parents have migrated to. Little does he know that in that village there are two major ethic groups of the region at war.
The parents had left their native village in Kigezi and moved to Toro region, hoping to find an easy life as small scale cultivators. He is stopped by three men with spears whose fierce and anticipated action renders the young man totally helpless. With spears pointed at him, electrified and in shock he thinks that was possibly the end of him.
The leader of the spearmen asks the young man in their local language (Rutoro). “Who are you”? The young man tells them in his native Rukyiga. They look at him closely and eventually ask him of what tribe he is. He tells them his Mukyiga. Eventually the leader says, “What is saving you is that you are a Mukyiga”!
He walks happy to be alive. He begins to understand that what had saved him was that he was a Mukyiga not a member of the tribe the three spear wielding men were hunting.
As he reflected on the good fortune, at the same time a painful question came into his mind and troubled him. ‘What wrong would I have done if I had been a member of the tribe that was being hunted, I would have been speared to death’.
On a nice Sunday afternoon around 3:00PM, under a tree with some nice grass he sat there. It was the thought of- ‘if I had been a member of the hunted tribe what wrong would I have done to deserve death’- made him realise what a problem his country Uganda had, with her many tribes and the kind of future her motherland had. He shed tears as he thought about what had happened to him imagining himself the young man from the hunted tribe who would now be dead.